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About Us

We are a new age news group and a webportal with enthusiastic, experienced and well versed journalist who have a very practicle, growing and realistic approcah.  We always work to bring forth news, articles, video & photo galleries  for our viewers, which keeps them upto date with authentic contents on topics related to comman mass and their real life issues 

Our aim is to present only what is of important with a no-nuisance policy. Our content is only what is relevant to the masses, their issues, problems or their achievements and good deeds. Our viewers and subscribers are requested to share any relevant piece of information, questions, suggestion or complains regarding the same.  


Our Team

The editorial team of newsmpg.com is professionally trained and well equipped for the work. The Team has a balance of very experienced personals and new amateur journalists. We have a team of reporters, sub editors and other staff who have more than 15 years of experience and have worked with various leading organizations, working together here to bring news with a difference.


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